Will Arcanine w/ Snarl & Wild Charge be a viable defender?


Arcanine got a few new moves with the Gen2 update, and it seems to make him a stronger defender.

Fire Fang and Fire Blast still exist and are still considered to be the best attacking move set, since the put out the most DPS (Bite & Fire Blast are right behind that).

Prior to the update, Arcanine's attacks didn't make him a great defender, Bite didn't do enough damage and Fire Blast is slow and takes a lot of energy, plus having a double fire attack on defense makes Arcanine an easy Vaporeon target. Flamethrower seemed to be the best defensive charged move since Bulldoze is complete garbage (new and old).

Arcanine's new attack set really interests me, now that he can learn Snarl and Wild Charge.

Snarl is slower than bite, but does more damage on defense and it's not a fire attack. Wild Charge seems like a game changer IMO.

My logic is this:


You see an Arcanine in a gym and you get a water Pokemon to take it down. Yes, a water attack will do a lot of damage and w/ the old gym mechanics, this wouldn't be a discussion. Since quick moves are much slower, quick attacks don't do as much damage, so hopefully Arcanine will go down slower.

Snarl does better on defense than Fire Fang does against water Pokemon, and Snarl does more damage than Bite. Then there is Wild Charge, an strong electric attack that could take down water attackers if Arcanine can get that attack off, which would destroy water Pokemon much better than a charged fire attack.

So with Arcanine's high CP, does this new attack set make him a better defender and, is this the best defensive attack set even though there is no STAB, but it is stronger against water?

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