Pokémon Go – How to install on Android and iOS


It first appeared for download on app stores in Australia and New Zealand and has slowly been going live across the globe.

On July 13 the game launched in Germany having earlier gone live in the US. Its UK launch finally came on July 14.

For people who downloaded the game either by side-loading the APK or changing their iOS region, uninstalling the app, reinstalling the official version and signing back in should guarantee any progress you’ve made has not been lost.

Any Android users still unable to get Pokémon Go can download the game from APK Mirror.

You need to configure your phone to allow apps to be installed from third-party sites, rather than the official Play store. Go to Settings, Security and allow ‘Unknown sources’ by switching the option on. Go to the Pokémon Go APK site, select ‘Download APK’, press OK on the warning message pop-up and the app will download.

We advise caution though. Firstly, apps from third parties and unknown sources don’t go through the rigorous anti-virus checks and can’t be guaranteed compared to those hosted on the official Play store. Secondly, there are rumours developer Niantic may be banning users who use this APK mirror. Approach with caution, and make sure you have anti-virus software installed.


Apple users will need to change the country linked to their App Store account to one where Pokémon Go is available. Go to Settings on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, select iTunes & App Store and tap your Apple ID. You will need to sign out if you are already signed in otherwise Apple will not successfully switch the region.

Once signed in, press Country/Region and select which region you wish to change it to. This may also require you to select, or update, a payment method. Return to the App Store, search for Pokemon Go and select ‘Get’. You will then need to create a new Apple ID to log in.

The app is currently available in Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the UK, so selecting any of these will work.

This involves opening iTunes, signing in with your Apple ID and going to View My Account. In a similar way to how it works on a phone, click “Change Country or Region.” On the welcome to the iTunes Store page, click Continue, agree to the terms and conditions and enter your billing information.

Newly created Apple IDs update the country updates for all of your Apple services on all of your Apple products.



Countries where Pokémon Go is available




New Zealand