PoGo+ Can’t Connect to Device


As I asked in my previous thread https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemongo/comments/5wllu9/battery_life_difference_with_pogo/

I was convinced and bought one right after work. Now I can't seem to connect to my Phone. The Go+ says it's Paired, and it appears in the Paired Devices list on both the PoGo App and the Phone Bluetooth settings. Did some research and saw multiple threads and videos stating to unpair and re-pair and reset the Go+ but nothing seems to work. It keeps showing me the

"Failed to Connect to the device"


message then blinks red 3 times. Sometimes It'll show me the troubleshoot link which isn't really any help since it's just basic stuff. Sometimes it'll pop up a message saying

"Couldn't pair with Pokemon GO Plus because of an incorrect PIN or passkey."

could use some help. My Phone is an Oppo F1S.

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