How to play Pokemon Go in any region on iPhone


Pokemon Go has been incredibly popular since its launch in the US, New Zealand, Australia and Japan last week, but the biggest question constantly being asked is about its availability in other regions.

As such, international rollout in the UK, Europe and elsewhere is being “paused” until the company is comfortable ensuring that it will work properly for everyone, the game’s makers told Business Insider.

The makers – Niantic Labs – had expected that there would be huge interest in Pokemon’s first game for mobile. But they didn’t expect it to be such a phenomenon, its CEO John Hanke said.

Those behind the game said that they were aware of the problems, which were as a result of the “incredible number of Pokemon Go downloads”.

The UK, for example, has plenty of PokeStops and wild Pokemon scattered around the country, but the only way to get the app currently is through downloading an Android APK or by changing the location on your iPhone.


Despite all of the problems, it is possible to play the game in the UK by changing the region settings on the iPhone. Users should log out of their Apple ID account in the App Store, go to the Language & Region option in the Settings app and change it to the US, then try and download the game and follow the options to create a new US App Store account to download it.

Considering Apple’s App Store refreshes its apps every Thursday in the UK, that could mean you could download it at the end of this week. Indeed, often apps appear in the back end on the App Store the day before, so you might only have to wait a couple more days to play it.

The WSJ also reports that Nintendo, which owns a large slice of The Pokemon Company, has soared in value thanks to the success of Pokemon Go. It is worth more than $9 billion more now, it is said.

The creators of the game haven’t endorsed the workaround but the game appears to run mostly as expected when downloaded using it.